Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations

We have been involved with Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations for over 20 years. As with any good celebratory event we are keenly aware of the need for meticulous planning and attention to detail. This is necessary to ensure that every part of the schedule has been attended to, and also in making your guests feel that this intensely personal and intimate, yet actively shared celebration has been shown the respect it deserves.


Given its core nature to the celebration, the schedule for the event is worked on very early in the planning stages, and we design the service, the food, the site, the tent (if needed) – all around it.

Our event planner always works closely with our clients to get a clearer understanding of the exact feel and style of the celebration, personal to their family. Whilst there are naturally traditional parts to the event format, individual tastes differ and require equally individual attention.

All That We Can Be For You

As with all events, we will assist with all the decor, tenting and entertainments as well as the food and the service – or we can handle just those parts that you need us to.


Entertainment at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs has to satisfy a wide spectrum of age profiles. The secret is to make sure there is something for everyone, providing music with a wide ‘family’ appeal, and entertainers that know the environment and expectations. The latter, like walkabout magicians are extremely popular, as they can be equally well received by an eight year old guest as an eighty year old!


We have a sister company, My Caterer who prepares all our Kosher menus. It is seamless. Read more about Kosher.