Craft Services for Philadelphia Area Film shoots

Corporate and Film Menu

Sample Morning Setup
Assorted Beverages, Water & Ice chests for crew with back up for PA to restock during day. Vegetable Crudite, Breakfast Breads, Chips & Salsa, Dried Fruit, Variety of Nuts, gum, licorice, m&m’s, sour candy, mints, peanut butter & jelly with bread, coffee & tea set up, fruit platter, cheese & crackers.

Sample Afternoon Setup
Replenish ice chest with water & sodas, coffee & tea refreshed, hummus & pita, salami & bread, chips & dip, pretzels, gourmet cookies & brownies, protein bars, chocolates, pasta salad, nuts & dried fruit, PB & J . Additional idea’s & Healthy Favorites Available Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-Dairy, Non Gluten/Wheat Table set up choices will be varied and “changed up” for Crew to enjoy variety when there are multiple shoot days. Special requests are welcomed.

Full Service
Spoil your cast/crew with the attention of a full service craft service attendant. Our experienced craft service professional will maintain your craft service table with delectable goodies and fun, healthy menu choices. “Hot Passes” (hot tray service) available including hot appetizers, quesadillas, smoothies, mini gourmet sandwiches, grilled vegetables, pot stickers, taquitos, Spanakopita, grilled sausages, cheese/cracker platters, fresh berry parfaits, Empanadas etc.

(Special menu items may be available upon request. Ask us about the following special orders: Vegan, Vegetarian, Non-Dairy, Non Gluten/Wheat.)